DAT construction provides cost-effective, on-time, and durable construction services to clients who are value-oriented. DAT construction is keen in developing conducive, futuristic, modern and durable housing structures that are carefully constructed to match the environmental health, residential health and safety through relentlessly having the care and interest of the clients and end-users at heart.

DAT construction employs the most practical professionals to spearhead the department – they are the best at what they do with concrete credentials to back their efficiency.

Our engineers in this department are certified, modern, efficient, professional, and futuristic; they use the best combination of futuristic architecture and modern engineering to give the most amazing comfort and satisfaction to the clients and the end-users.

We are the best modern and futuristic housing construction engineers. We have a team of architectures, and engineers that works relentlessly to give lasting, modern and futurist housing structures that are affordable to every average person.