DAT construction provides cost-effective, on-time, and durable construction services to clients who are value-oriented. DAT construction is keen on developing loyal clients through relentless customer care services that have the interest of the clients at heart and is ready to constantly and consistently attend to clients’ questions and requirements.

We have the most resourceful professionals spearheading the department of road constructions – they are the best at what they do with concrete credentials to back their efficiency. Our engineers in this department are certified, modern, efficient, professional, and futuristic; they will construct roads that can stand any weather with everlasting durability.

Our engineers are rooted in the knowledge of road construction processes. They understand the requirements for each road based on the nature of the land on which the road is to be constructed, the number of people and vehicles that use such road, and the kind of weather conditions in the area. These and other technicalities are the things our engineers consider before the projects are executed.